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Since adolescence, I have been passionate about statistics and data. I would jot down details of my daily life, such as the time it took for each route, minutes remaining in each subject until the end of the semester, probable grades for myself and my friends based on past results, and interests in each subject. Today, with my girlfriend, we collect data on restaurants we visit and movies we watch in order to have future references. Together with my uncle, I am working on automating some day trading strategies in the Brazilian market. He provides the information, and I delve into the mathematical formulas. This practice of collecting and analyzing data brings a unique perspective, enabling informed choices in my life. Statistics has become an essential part of my daily routine, expanding my understanding of the world around me.


In 2018, I had the opportunity to go abroad to enhance my English skills. I lived in the United States for just over 4 years, where I not only improved my language proficiency but also developed strong interpersonal skills by immersing myself in the diverse cultures that make up the country. In September 2019, I began my studies at the International School of Advanced Learning (ISAL) in Boston, where I participated in an unparalleled immersion in the English language and the cultural diversity of the United States for the next 8 months. Upon passing the final module exam, I obtained a C2 language certification. Furthermore, in September 2020, I enrolled at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston, pursuing an A.S. Data Analytics (Associate in Science) degree and graduated with "High Honors," achieving a GPA of 3.84. I returned to Brazil in February 2023 in order to have some free time to take more bootcamp courses.



Data Analytics
Bunker Hill Community College

The Data Analytics AS degree is tailored for students seeking entry-level positions or internships in Analytics. It emphasizes the fundamentals of data science with R and Python programming languages. Students gain expertise in data gathering, combining, preparation, and presentation using various tools. The course covers analytical modeling and the analytics life cycle. Graduates acquire the skills to work with data, analyze it, and effectively communicate insights. This program serves as a launching pad for a career in the dynamic realm of data analytics.


Google Data Analytics

The Google Data Analytics Certificate is an online program by Google on Coursera. It equips learners with data analysis skills, covering data collection, transformation, analysis, and visualization using tools like SQL and spreadsheets. The self-paced program includes hands-on projects, culminating in a certificate that validates proficiency in data analytics.


Michigan University

This Python 3 programming specialization covers the basics (variables, conditionals, and loops) and progresses to intermediate concepts like list comprehensions, lambda expressions, and class inheritance. Through extensive practice, the student will gain the ability to reason about program execution and debug code. By the end, the student will be able to write programs that extract data from Internet APIs and effectively utilize new modules and APIs independently.

Work Experience


Line Auto Corp.

I owned a car sales and rental company, where I was fully responsible for the administrative aspect of the business. My duties included, but not restricted to managing the accounting documentation and ensuring compliance with government regulations and insurance requirements. Using R Studio, I developed a function that gathers and calculates toll fees for each customer, providing my partner with organized summaries to facilitate onward communication with the clients.

2017 - 2019 / 2023 - 2023

Administrative Assistant
Inovar Servicos

I worked for a financial services company, specializing in analyzing client profiles to provide support for real estate financing. This activity required a high level of attention and competence, as errors could significantly delay an already lengthy process. In less than six months with the company, I quickly grasped the process and created a training presentation that continued to be utilized long after my departure from the company. In 2023 I had an opportunity to work for Inovar again, but for a shorter period. This time I was with them for about 4 months only. 

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